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Related article: Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 17:49:50 -0400
From: Dash Jarrod
Subject: Force of One 6Disclaimer: This story is totally fictional. If the character resembles
anyone from your life, that is just coincidence. Any celebrity involved in
this story may or may not be homosexual. If you are under 18 please don't
read.Thanks to anyone that has responded to me about my story. I have been
enjoying writing it; I just hope that you enjoy reading it as much. Thanks
to Alex and Dustin for letting me make them into characters.Character list porno of preteens so far:
Matthew-Powers: telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, control over magnetism,
control over the weather, and a healing factor
Age: 19
Body type: semi-muscular yet skinny
Features: 6'1", blonde hair, blue eyes, and 140#
Andrew-Power: telepathy
Age: 18
Body type: muscular but skinny
Features: greenish eyes, black hair, 5'11", and 140#
Bobby-Power: ability to produce ice
Age: 19
Body type: muscular
Features: 5'10", 140#, blonde hair, and blue eyes
Aaron-Power: pretty preteen photo
unlimited teleportational range, absorption and redirection of
energy, some telepathy (mind-speak and reading minds)
Age: 17
Body type: slim but muscular
Features: light brown hair, green eyes, 5'11", and 135#
Jake-Power: limited acceleration of mental and physical processes, increased
agility, speed, and strength
Age: 18
Body type: slim but muscular
Features: dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, 6', and 140# While flying out of the building, I passed a room that had music coming
from it. I don't know just preteens young why but I reached telepathically and scanned the
room. When I did this, I found out that there were a bunch of students in
the room and one teacher. I reached out to the teacher's mind and started
to read it. I found out that the teacher was Jean's Scott. free preteen com When I found
out that it wasn't a recording smoking preteen pics
and was actually being taught by a teacher, I
floated back down to the floor and knocked on the door. I didn't have to
wait very long before one of the students opened the door and asked me to
come in.
When I entered the room, I turned to the teacher and said, "I am sorry for
interrupting your class but I heard the music from the hall and was
wondering if this was the band class."
To this he said, "Yes this is the band class, my name is Scott and I am the
teacher of this class, or at least I try to teach it."
I responded with, "I am sure you do just fine, it sounded good from the
hall. I was wondering, might I join your class?"
After I said this, I telepathically told him that I was aware of who he was
and nn preteens pics his relationship to Jean but not to worry because I have her for lessons
at the moment.
He nodded preteen petite hot
when he heard that and then said, "I don't see why you can't join
in. What instrument do you play?"
I then stated, "I play the saxophone, I can play alto or tenor. The only
problem is that if you want me to play the tenor, you will have to provide
the instrument because I don't own one."
He then commented, "I am glad to have another saxophonist, we only have a
couple of those. I want you to play the alto because we don't have any
instruments to give you. Do you have your instrument with you at school or
do you have to get it from home?"
I then answered, "I have to get my saxophone from home because I didn't
really get a chance to pack anything except for some clothing. This will
give me a chance to go home and see my parents again. I haven't seen them
since I started here. I have so much to tell them."
He then said, "Don't tell them too much. I don't think it would be a good
idea for them to know too much about what goes on here."
We continued chatting about the class and what they were playing until
dinner. I can see why Jean likes him so much. He is very cute. She has
good taste and I will tell forbidden preteen nudes her that tomorrow.
On my way to dinner, I couldn't decide whom to sit with. There was Bobby
who I would like to get to know more, and then there was Andrew who I know
more than anyone at this school. Too bad I can't sit with them both. Maybe
I should get them to sit together, because then I could sit with my two
friends without choosing between them. When I walked into the dining room,
I saw both of them look at me to see if I was heading in their direction.
Andrew had his normal friends around him, whereas Bobby was sitting alone.
That made my decision for me. I started heading over to Bobby, and as I was
doing this I received a preteen models nudist message from Andrew.
He asked, "Why aren't you sitting with me?"
I replied, "Bobby is sitting alone, I figure I should give him some company
during dinner. If you want to sit with me, you could always come over and
join us. Although, that would mean you would have to leave your friends at
that table. I am sorry if that sounded mean because I didn't mean it to
come across that way."
He then asked, "Are you asking me to choose between you and the rest of my
I then stated, "I am not asking you to do that at all, I know all of naked preteens org your
friends are important to you. All I was saying is that I think I need to
keep him some company for today. Is that all right with you? Is it also
all right if I ask him to sit with us tomorrow?"
He responded with, "I think it's very nice of you to keep Bobby company. I
don't see why you can't bring him to sit over here tomorrow. I will talk to
you later then."
The rest of dinner went without any argument between Andrew and I. In
fact, everything seemed to go back to normal.
When dinner was over, I telepathically called out to Andrew. I asked, "Do
you mind meeting me outside of the cafeteria?"
He responded with, "I don't see why I can't."
When we met up after dinner, I began the conversation with an apology. I
said, "I am sorry for seeming like such an ass. I didn't mean to make you
feel like I was dissing you by sitting with someone else. preteen sites Although I was a
little bit surprised by how you reacted when I didn't sit with you again.
It's almost as if you like me. Hehehehe."
He then said, "I am sorry for reacting so badly when you didn't sit with
me. I thought we were closer friends than that, so I couldn't understand
why you didn't sit with me. I didn't mean to sound so angry with you, I was
just disappointed that you weren't sitting with me again."
After we both apologized for our behavior earlier, we went our separate
ways. As I was slowly walking back to my room to hottest preteen clits
turn in for the night, I
couldn't help but think of our conversation. He had completely avoided the
last sentence of my apology. He didn't deny or acknowledge my statement. I
wonder what that means.
That night, I dreamt of Andrew again. I dreamt that he finally admitted
that he liked me. Then we made out for a little while; it was kind of
awkward because neither of us had made out with another guy before. I
especially liked it because his stubble tickled and preteen puss nude it felt nice. Right as
we were about to make out again, my alarm went off and I trudged out of bed
and to breakfast.
At breakfast, I went preteens models nonude
up to Bobby and asked, "Would you like to join me at a
different table?"
He responded with, "That all depends on who all is at that table."
I couldn't help but ask, "Why does it matter who is at the table, do some
people not like you for some reason?"
He responded with, "I have never been that well liked, but the reason some
people don't like me is because I am different. By this I don't mean my
mutancy, considering the rest of the school is full of mutants. I mean I am
different because I am gay."
After he said this, he just sort of sat back and waited for a reaction from
me. He just sat there staring at my face trying to decide preteen bbs asian if I would react
well or if I would ridicule him for his sexual orientation.
After I processed the information I telepathically told him, "I am also
gay, although very few people know this about me. You are only the second
student to find this out about me. Also one of the teachers knows as well
as the professor."
To this he responded with in a whisper, "I am honored to be one of the few
people that know about you. To be honest, I think you are cute. I noticed
how cute you were when we first met in the hall. I just figured you should
know that."
With that said, we headed for the table and went through breakfast like
nothing had happened. I am just glad that the table I was sitting didn't
have anyone at it that didn't like gay people. If people like that were at
the ls preteen pics table, I wouldn't be able to sit there anymore.
After breakfast, we all headed to our respective classes. Class this
morning was really boring, I don't know why but I found myself zoning out
for no apparent reason. I wasn't called on once again, so I didn't have to
explain why I wasn't paying attention. I don't know if I would have been
able to come up with a good excuse right on the spot. If you give me a
little while to come up with something, I can do it but I don't usually come
up with a good excuse right on the spot.
When classes were finally over, I flew nude preteen thai down to the room where I had
lessons. When I walked into the room I was shocked to see Andrew sitting
there along with Jean. I had totally preteen petite hot
forgotten abouut the fact that she
would be bringing in another student for me to read the mind of. When she
said that she was going to do that, I didn't even think of Andrew as a
possibility. This little nadia preteen kind of made me nervous. I was wondering if he was going
to be reading my mind when I preteen gallery picture got done with his. If he was going to do this,
I don't know if I could handle what his reaction would be when he found out
that liked him a lot, more than I should probably.
I didn't have long to think about such things because when Jean noticed I
was in the room, she started explaining what preteen natural pic I would be doing today. She
said, "You will be trying to read his mind so I can judge just how well you
have learned how to read minds. I have asked Andrew to help me out by
letting you read his mind. I am once again, not going to tell you what you
want to look for, but let you just go searching for information relevant to
I then asked, "Will he be having any barriers up that I will have to try
and get through, or will he have his barriers down like you did yesterday?"
She answered, "He will have his barriers down for you because you don't
know how to get through them yet. That is what you are going to learn
tomorrow and possibly today depending on how well you read his mind."
I just stood there trying to figure out what I was going to search for.
There was the obvious thing to search for but that thing I couldn't announce
out loud if I found what I was looking for. I guess I will just have to
look for the basic stuff.
After I stood there thinking of what I wanted to search for, I really
started porn with preteens
teens preteens nudes to concentrate on Andrew. I just started to focus my power on
Andrew's mind. With that I started searching for the points I had decided
to look for.
I started to look for what age he found out about his power, this task took
only a couple of minutes. The next thing I looked for was when he started
to go to school here and learn about his power. I spent less time here
looking for this bit of information because it was in the same general area
of his brain. The last thing I looked for was whether or not he liked me
like I like him. I knew this wasn't going to be anywhere near where I was
looking now so
I started to search again. It took me a little smoking preteen pics while to find the area
where he had memories of me. When I found it, I started actively sorting
out what was relevant to me and what wasn't. Once I had done this, it only
took me a few seconds to find my relevant information. Once I found all the
information I wanted, I blinked to end it. When I looked at my watch, it
only took me ten minutes to find everything, including the thing I wasn't
going to be saying out loud.
I then stated, "You found out about your power at age 13. You started
going here the free preteen com
following year and have learning about your power ever since.
That's all the information I looked for, so that's all I have to report."
Jean then asked, "Is this true Andrew? Are there any discrepancies in
Matthew's statements?"
Andrew answered, "All of what Matthew said is true. I am just surprised at
the short amount of time it took him to find it."
Jean then stated, "He searched my mind yesterday, and he surprised me as
well. It only took him like ten minutes to find the information he was
looking for. He is a very talented telepath and telekinetic."
When I heard both of them talking about me, I started to blush. Like I
said before, I don't take compliments very well because I don't get that
All of preteen pantie bbs a sudden they stopped talking out loud but were still looking at
each other. I figured they switched to speaking telepathically so that I
couldn't over hear what they were talking about. Although since I knew that
they were talking telepathically, I just grew more and more curious about
what they were talking about that was so secretive. Without saying another
word out loud, Andrew left the room. What surprised me was the fact that he
didn't even say goodbye to me.
As soon as Andrew left the room, Jean telepathically said, "Well, you did
good at that part of today's training, but right now I am going to start to
teach you how to build barriers around your mind so that your mind isn't
easy to read. What you want to do is picture telepathic energy
materializing around your mind and any specific spots in your mind that you
don't want people to know. Do you understand what I mean?"
I responded with, "I might have an idea, but I must try it out to see if it
works. As soon as I have tried out my idea, I will let you know so you can
try and read my mind and tell preteens hot sex me if it worked."
With that I started to focus on my own mind. Once I had a picture of it, I
pictured a kind of shell surround it. Once the shell was sufficiently
thick, I started to put one up around the fact that I was gay. I also put
one up around whom all I had crushes on. Once both of those were in place I
blinked and then looked up at Jean. I then stated, "Ok, I think I have put
sufficient barriers up, but I would like you to check them out."
She replied with, "No problem."
She then started to focus on me. She stopped blinking preteen nude pic
so that she could
start to read my mind. She stared at me for a few minutes before she said,
"Your barriers are just fine, they are strong enough that I can't read your
mind, but not strong enough to totally keep me out. By this I mean I can
still telepathically talk to you. Okay, that is enough for today; tomorrow
you will learn how to read minds that have barriers up. Now off you go to
band, you won't be expected to play anything but you will be introduced to
each of the section leaders. Enjoy."
When I got outside of the room, I started to fly once again. I flew to
where I found the band room yesterday.
Once I got there, I walked in and took a seat. I was there a little bit
early, so I was just taking in my surroundings. I was just sitting there
looking around when the rest diets for preteens of the class started to fill in. As it turns
I had chosen the correct section to find a seat in. When Scott got there,
he had the section leaders introduce themselves.
The first one to do so was the trumpet section leader. He started out by
saying, "Hi, my name is Aaron and as is obvious I play the trumpet."
The next one to introduce himself was the percussion section leader. He
stated, "Hi, my name is Jake and I am in charge of the percussion people."
Following those two were the clarinet, the flute, the saxophone, the
trombone, the tuba, and the baritone section leaders. I am not going to
mention what they say because it was all the same sort of thing except with
different names.
With that over, I sat next to the saxophone section leader to read his
music while they played. The music should be fun to play. Too bad that
neither Bobby nor Andrew play instruments, that would have given us more to
talk about. Oh well.
Well, that's it for another chapter. Please, please, please tell me what
you think. I would love to hear what you have to say. You can contact me
at kds preteen cp Thanks for reading.
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